This Scope focusses on 4 tables that relate TO the US being a nation of workaholics w/o proper “Time Off”; TO the Highest paying domestic occupations that have the MOST “Time Off” (in terms of hrs worked); TO the occupations that MUST work w/o regard to programmed “Time Off” (such as wknds/holidays, etc); and TO the Best Paying Occupations that will be the Most plentiful in the FUTURE. The 4 tables are now summarized.


  • T-1 presents the OECD study that unequivocally stated that the US is the ONLY nation with ZERO mandatory pd holidays & ZERO mandatory pd vacation days. On the other hand, the Fed Reserve Econ Data (FRED) org’s research showed that the US is mid ranged in the # of worked hrs with Singapore, Taiwan, CA & JP having more hrs while most European nations have fewer weekly work hrs.


  • T-2 is the MUST work table meaning somebody MUST be working from this occupation. It lists AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS with the Highest Med Yearly Income (MYI) at $108,040 (for 23,970 workers). RNs were #3 ($ 64,690 MYI with a workforce of 66 M). #10 was CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS ($39,040 MYI with 457,550 employees).


  • T- 3 presented data regarding the Highest Paying Occupations with the MOST “Time Off”. AIRCRAFT PILOTS/CO-PILOTS were #1 with the fewest avg hrs per yr (1,090 hrs or 21 hrs per wk). Their Avg Ann Inc pay was $103,210. Of the elite Highest Paying Occupations with the MOST “Time Off”, JUDGES & MAGISTRATES were #9 with 1,935 hrs Their Avg Ann Inc was $119,270 with an Avg Workwk of 37.2 hrs.


  • T-4 is The Best Paying Occupations of the FUTURE. It listed RNs as #1 with 591,500 jobs with an increased growth rate of 22% ($64,690 MYI). The states of RI, SD & MA will have the greatest DENTAL HYGIENISTS were #9 (62,900 jobs, a 36% growth rate & an MYI of $68,200). MI, ID & UT will have the greatest need. PERS FINANCE ADVISORS were #10 (62,800 jobs with a 30% growth rate and an MYI of $64,750).


While the US “norm” is a 40 hr Workwk, the Bur of Labor Stats (2013) data-ed that the Avg Workwk for an American private, non-farm employee was 34.5 hrs. A 2011 international study (by Fed Reserve Econ Data, FRED) ranked the US #5 with an Avg Workwk of 32.76 hrs. Singapore was #1 (with 43.98 hrs); Taiwan was #2 (with 41.24 hrs) followed by Canada and Japan (with 32.84 & 32.81 hr Workwks, respectively). UK, FR and DE were #6-#8 and the Netherlands was #9 (with a 26.57 hr Workwk).  Thx to insightful research by business.time.com and 247wallst.com we were able to distill their info into the previously referred 4 tables. In sum they told us about US labor & laborers. T-1 states which OECD Nation’s workers receive the most (& least) mandatory pd vacation days & holidays; T-2 is a logical extension of T-1 (domestically speaking) as it identifies which Labor Day occupations must supply workers b/c of their industries no matter what the day.  Not included in this group are movie theater employees ($10.75 per hr; BLS) and MLB players (avg salary is $3.39M per year, AP/ESPN or an avg of $9,287.67 per day for 365 days) who supply ENTERTAINMENT services for Americans on Labor Day. T-3 relatedly tells us which Occupations have the Shorte$t Workdays/Workwks. Appropriately for the upcoming holiday, T-4 lists the Best Paying Occupations that will have the Most jobs in the FUTURE.



Do “Americans Work More Than Anyone” (ABC News 5/1/14)? While T-1 surely attested to that (with the US being the ONLY nation in the above table that has NEITHER MANDATED pd vacation days NOR MANDATED pd holidays). The aforementioned FRED study however, stated that the US was in the “middle of the pack” as Asian work powerhouses, Singapore & Taiwan (ie, their workers) definitely worked more hrs on avg than the US. CA & JP marginally avg more working minutes (than the US). It is NO news to MOST of us that European nations such as UK, FR, DE and the Netherlands work substantially fewer hrs.  At the end of the workday (or perhaps the Workwk) “Do Americans really work more than workers from other nations?” YOUR CALL! YOUR CALL!! YOUR CALL!!!


Our discussion regarding which country “works the MOST” (from T-1) provides an easy nexus to T-2 about which occupations MUST provide workers on LD or any day of the yr. Here are 10 occupations where SOME members of the profession MUST work so that OTHERS don’t have to work.  These 10 professions are organized by median yearly income (MYI). AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS were #1 (with a MYI of $108,010 & 23,970 workers).  #2 was NUCLEAR POWER REACTOR OPERATORS whose MYI was $75,650 & there were ONLY 5,080 of them (¼ the # of AIR CONTROLLERS); #3 was REGISTERED NURSES (with a MYI of $64,690 & a workforce of 2.655 M which was 522.64 times the # of NUCLEAR POWER REACTOR OPERATORS and 110.76 times the # of AIR CONTROLLERS).



As we continue our LD celebration, T-3 below lists the 10 highest paying occupations requiring the fewest yrly work hours.  AIRCRAFT PILOTS & CO-PILOTS work the fewest hrs with 1,090 hrs (a wkly avg of 21.0 hrs). Given an yrly avg income of $103,210, these “high flyers” pay avgs almost $95 per hr.  WOW! We want to make it very clear however, that in NO way are we minimizing the extraordinary stress and great importance of PILOTS/CO-PILOTS. An Avg Workwk of 21 hrs & $95 per hr nonetheless, are still extraordinary #s at 21 hrs & $95 per hr!!! LAW TEACHERS avg 1,608 hrs a yr (over 500 hrs more than the PILOT/CO-PILOTS). They are followed by SPEECH THERAPISTS (1,638 hrs) & PSYCHOLOGISTS (1,736 hrs). “Rounding Out” the TOP 9 Highest Paying Occupations with the Most “Time Off” table are JUDGES & MAGISTRATES (1,935 hrs with an Avg Annual Income of $119,270)


Last but NOT least on this LD 2014’s celebration of labor/work, we present T-4: The Best 10 Paying Occupations of the FUTURE.  Low and behold if we don’t find that #3 on T-3 (in the MUST work class on LD) were RNs. And, by gosh if RNing is not the Best Paying occupation of the FUTURE with the most jobs (591,500 jobs, an increase of 22%+ and an MYI of $64,690).  Furthermore, this list of the Best Paying Occupations in the FUTURE includes the concept of these occupations having a real opportunity of employment. As such it is not surprising that the list starts with RNs. Amazingly, of the TOTAL # of the 10 tabled FUTURE Best Paying Occupations by # to be employed are RNs. As we scan T-4 we can’t help but notice the remarkable growth rate of the “TOP 10”. That rate is b/t a low of a 20.3% (for COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYSTS with 108,100 FUTURE jobs, an MYI of $77,740 & a high of 36.1% for DENTAL HYGIENISTS with 62,900 jobs & an MYI of $68,250. (The 3 states with the most jobs per capita for DENTAL HYGIENTS are MI, ID & UT). The MYI’s of these Best jobs of the FUTURE range from PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS ($123,000 MYI & 144,100 jobs) to $60,570 the MYI for a MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST (with $70,100 jobs). Hopefully, when occupation opportunity knocks, workers will be able to answer the call.


WELCOME TO AMERICA & Labor Day 2014, “The Land of Opportunity” & JOBS, JOBS & JOBS!
WELCOME TO AMERICA & Labor Day 2014, “The Land of Opportunity” & JOBS, JOBS & JOBS!
WELCOME TO AMERICA & Labor Day 2014, “The Land of Opportunity” & JOBS, JOBS & JOBS!
WELCOME TO AMERICA & Labor Day 2014, “The Land of Opportunity” & JOBS, JOBS & JOBS!
WELCOME TO AMERICA & Labor Day 2014, “The Land of Opportunity” & JOBS, JOBS & JOBS!

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