Of the 10 Playoff teams: (See Column 10 with ü and WC (Wild Card) designations for Playoff Teams)

  • 4 were in ForbesTOP 10Best Valued” Teams (LAD #2; SF #5; STL #8; & LAA #10)
  • 3 were from MLB’s TOP 10 Team Payrolls (LAD #1, DET #6 & SF #8)
  • 2 were from the 10 Biggest Metro Population Areas (LAD #2 & LAA #2)
  • 5 were from the TOP 10 Home Attendances (LAD #1, STL #2, SF #4, LAA #5 & DET #7)
  • 3 were from the TOP 10 Road Attendances (LAD #2, PIT #3 & SF #5)

THE COLLA$$U$ & CATA$TROPHE THAT ARE THE KAN$A$ CITY ROYAL$At the start of the MLB season the Kansas City Royals were 50-1 “favorites” to win the World Series. ALL of the 2014 PLAYOFF teams had BETTER ODDS than did the KCR. (LAD at 7-1, DET at 8-1; WSH at 11-1; LAA at 20-1, OAK at 20-1; SF at 20-1; PIT at 35-1 and BAL at 40-1); Nonetheless, the KC Royals have prevailed to be 1 of 2 teams in this year’s Fall Classic. There were ONLY 9 teams that had WS odds longer than KC (TOR,CHC,NYM,MLW,MIA,COL,SD,MN,&HOU) They ranged from 65-1 to 250-1.  Beyond the Las Vegas odds of winning the WS, KCR’s data has been summarized below from the above table.

  • The Royals are valued at $490M by Forbes or #29 of 30 ONLY TB has a lower evaluation.($485M)
  • The KCR have the 25th highest Payroll at $5M. The avg team payroll is $112,219,082.
  • KC is the 2nd smallest metro market for MLB (ONLY MLW is smaller)
  • The Royals have the 25th BEST Home Attendance and the WORST Road Attendance. That’s right, the WORST!


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