The Giants beat the Vikings 21-3…“b-4 45,910 enthusiastic fans at Ford Field which pulled off a flawless hosting effort” b/c the Metrodome’s roof collapsed. (Det NewsBob Wojnowski in Sports Biz Daily 12/14/10). The crowd was “festive & energetic” as it actually provided a “home field advantage(±) to the Vikings.” The Lions cut off the freebies at 30,000 since tix stubs from Det’s home game vs GB were also honored for this Mon Night Game. All reports were that the Ford Field handled it as well as they had handled SB 2006 which was an operational STAR! While the NYG won that game, the Det Lions & Ford Field were the real WINNERS. Game attendees let out a few “Let’s Go Lions” chants as well as a “Let’s Go Red Wings” cheer. A Dallas Morning News columnist said “It was an impossible situation, but they both (teams) got to city that they could get to.”

T 1: Likely Relocation Venues for NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills wk 12
Mile from Buff 357 183 267 363 375 209 376
Team Founded (Yr) 1946 1999 1929 1960 1931 1933 1932
Continuous Ownership & Family Bisciotti Haslem Ford Johnson Lurie Rooney Snyder
2000 2012 1961 2000 1994 1933 1999
Dom Violence Issue Ray Rice NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE RedSkins name
SB hosted 0 0 ’82 & ’06 ’14 0 0 0
Hosted Relocated Game NO NO 2010 NO NO NO NO
Playoff Contention* 40/1 125/1 30/1 2000/1 22/1 35/1 1000/1
Home AVG Attd 71,084 67,423 63,208 78,160 69,596 62,066 78,560
Domed Stadium NO NO YES NO NO NO NO
Team Value $1,500 M $1,120 M $960 M $1,800 M $1,750 M $1,350 M $2,400 M
Rev $304 M $276 M $254 M $333 M $330 M $287 M $395 M
* Vegas insider odds

While the ghosts of champions past haunt the Det Lions team, with no “on the field” champs since Bobby Layne, Yale Lary and Joe Schmidt’s 1957 team, there is nothing but CHAMPS in the Lions’ front office and Ford Field’s savvy and professional game day’s staff. It is clear that the NFL trusts Detroit’s ability to host NFL games, period. Its 2 Super Bowls and its 12/13/10 Mon Night Relocated Game (discussed above) are proof positive! In addition of those stadia w/i a 400 miles radius (see Table 1), Ford Field does NOT have an NFL home game this wknd and YES it has a DOMED stadium. Furthermore, of the possible 7 tabled alternative sites, DET has the 2nd longest continuous ownership (next to the Steelers) and the Ford family represents this nation’s most notable industry, the AUTO industry. Finally, Detroit is a HOT FOOTBALL TOWN now, with the 2nd best SB odds of the abovementioned 7 teams. (Less we feel too sorry for the Buff/Det Bills, the team just sold to Terry Pegula for $1.4 B a few mos ago. WOW!)


The NYJ & NYG play in the Meadowlands. If a home stadium is not available, the usual protocol would be to play the “cancelled” home game in the visitor’s stadium (if possible & agreed upon). Meadlands in hosting the NYG’s this wknd, albeit, on Sun. With poor weather, its playing surface may not be ready for a Mon night assault, hence NO JETS/YES GIANTS in Meadowlands this wknd.

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