BOWLING 4 DOLLAR$: College Playoff$,2015

THX to our kind readers for your patience. We inadvertently sent our College Playoff Payout Scope yesterday. Our apologies, here’s the update/adjusted issue.

T – 1 College Bowl Payouts from 2004/5 to 2014/15

YEAR BOWLS Bowling Teams # of   D-1 Teams % of Teams Bowling PAYOUTS % Change from prior year
2004-05 28 56 117 47.80% $178,950,000 0%
2005-06 28 56 119 47.00% $199,254,000 11.35%
2006-07 32 64 119 53.70% $236,854,000 18.87%
2007-08 32 64 119 53.70% $249,250,000 5.23%
2008-09 34 68 119 57.00% $264,185,000 5.99%
2009-10 34 68 120 56.60% $264,185,000 0%
2010-11 35 70 120 58.30% $265,640,000 0.55%
2011-12 35 70 120 58.30% $281,800,000 6.08%
2012-13 35 70 124 56.50% $292,237,500 3.70%
2013-14 38 76 128 59.38% $339,362,500 16.13%
2014-15 39* 76 128 59.38% $416,222,658 22.6%
*The creation of the playoff championship adds one more game without additional teams.

Since the 2004/5 college football bowl season, the number of college bowl$, the number of college teams “bowling” and the payout$ to those teams have been growing and growing and growing. (See T-1, please). There were 28 bowls engaging 47.8% of Division 1’s 117 teams with a total payout of $179M. NOW, there are 39 bowls engaging 59.38% of D-1’s 128 teams that “go bowling.” Next year the NCAA will be adding 1 more BOWL GAME, making the number 40 and the number of bowling teams will be 78. The major conferences in college football SPLIT their bowl payout money evenly among their conference teams. For the record since the 2004/05 college football season the # of D-1 schools has increased by 6%; the # of Bowling Teams has increased by 27%; and the Bowl Payout $$ have exploded by 64%. WOW! (After all bowl travelling expenses are pd, each conf divides the remaining $$ equally among ALL conf teams w/o consideration of whether a team won or lost its bowl game.)

This year is the 1st D-1 yr with a College Football Playoff system. For this event 6 bowls (the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Peach Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl) will be ROTATING each year for the 2 semifinal games. For this season those games were the Rose & Sugar Bowls. (Each team as a part of the Playoffs receives $6M for their respective conference, while teams playing in the Cotton, Fiesta, & Peach Bowls will bring in $4M for their conference. The Orange Bowl brings in $27.5M for the conference)

T – 2: The Conference Money Champion$hip: By Conference, # of Bowling Teams and Total Bowl Payout

Conference 14-15 Payouts 14-15 # of Bowl Participants
SEC $87,500,000 11 of 14
ACC $83,500,000 10 of 14
Big 10 $60,000,000 8 of 14
Pac 12 $60,000,000 6 of 12
Big 12 $58,000,000 7 of 10
MWC $16,000,000 7 of 12
AAC $12,000,000 5 of 11
MAC $12,000,000 6 of 13
C-USA $12,000,000 5 of 13
Sun Belt $12,000,000 3 of 11
Independent $3,222,658 3 of 4
Total $416,222,658 70 of 128

Each of the Power 5 conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 & SEC) receives a $50M base payout, with additional bonuses for each of the 6 rotating playoff bowls. The bottom 5 conferences receive an equal share of a $60M base. For Independents, Notre Dame received $2.3M while the other 3 (Army, Navy, & Brigham Young) will split $922K.


While there is considerable dispute given various, credible published sources, there is solid evidence that the Chmpshp Game will NOT yield any additional revenue for either the BIG 10 or the PAC 12, however the conferences will receive $2M each to cover travel expenses.

Why the conflict/confusion? As mentioned, different sources have published different data. The College Football Playoff’s website ONLY discusses revenue sharing at the conf level, with the expenses detailed for semifinalist.

Table 2 presents our CONFERENCE MONEY CHAMPS (CMC) for the 2014-15 bowl season. As tabled, the SEC wins the CMC championship with the ACC finishing in a close 2nd. The Mountain West Conference comes out on top of the non-Power 5 conferences, with Boise State’s Fiesta Bowl bid putting them over the top. TRUE BLUE Boise St has added to its Mt West’s GREEN SCENE!

Sources: (College Football Playoff: Conference Payouts) (The Money Behind the Bowl Games) (Revenue Distribution) (Bronco Beat: Here’s how the College Football playoff system will play out – and where Boise State fits)

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