Almost ⅔ of US Citizens AND Ad Execs believe that the NFL’s recent domestic violence issues will impact SB 2015’s advertising (Am Assn of Ad Agencies). Lest we pile on, the NE Pats Inflate-Gate” has upscaled the league’s pain. (Perhaps BOTH issues have also enhanced likely viewership. Call it the “curiosity factor.”) We have already discussed the failure of SB ads to sell out by mid Jan (Scope Issue 25, Vol 6) for various reasons, including its self-inflicted wounds b/c of “Goodell-Gate.” Relatedly, we are delighted to report that SOME SB advertisers are taking a stand and will be heard through their own signal calling. B-4 we mention which advertisers will promote their GENTLE-MAN-NESS, how about a little background?

Sept was marred by the Rice/Peterson affairs and “Goodell-Gate.” In early Oct, a number of NFL players partnered with a # of proactive advertisers to produce an anti-domestic violence PSA known as “NO MORE.” Among the players (former & current) were Chris Carter (HofF), William Gay (PIT), Alfred Morris (WSH), Eli Manning (NYG), Jason Witten (DLS), and Aeneas Wms (HofF). No fewer than 13 corps were part of this distinguished effort including the All State Fndtn, Avon Fndtn for Women, Casa de Esperanza, Kaiser Permanente, Kimberly Clark, Mary Kay Inc, Men Can Stop Rape & Verizon Fndtn.

It’s well known that during “Goodell-Gate,” the NFL was slow to respond even though NFL supporters and sponsors such as Campbell Soup, Cover Girl, McDs & Nike threatened to pull (or actually pulled) their NFL support reviling domestic violence (as reported in a recent Christian Science Monitor article citing the WSJ). Finally, in Dec the NFL established its current policy. AND, the NFL just announced that it will support “NO MORE” airing 1 of its ads during the SB.


From early and detailed reports of Dove, Nissan, & Toyota we know that they will aggressively advertise the real strength of manhood, its softer side!

  • Dove has released its ½ min ad showing kids of all ages yelling, crying, etc Dad/ “Daddy” as these kids and their fathers celebrate their caring & sharing moments together (formerly it was a Father’s Day ad).
  • Nissan contracted a popular YouTube video star to create its ad consisting of a father filling his home with plastic balls so that his son can play in them. Nissan is promoting its “With Dad” theme.
  • Toyota’s ad will feature NFL players as BOLD DADS being parents who must make BOLD CHOICES for their families, DAILY.

USA2Day reported that to some extent BMW, Pepsi and Weathertech will “at least” nibble at Dadvertising for SB 2015. To suggest (as SportsBizDaily did in the above mentioned Christian Sci Mtr article) that any Dadvertisement wants to sell anything but its products may be an overreach. The fact is that the SB audience will be about 55%M /45%FM which means more FMs will watch the SB than ANY OTHER program this yr or any yr. (If the viewing audience for the Oscars is 50 M and 70% are FMs that would be 35 M FMs. If the SB draws 110 M+ and 45% is FMs, YOU DO THE MATH!)


While most SB ads are based on comedy, punch lines, special effects, glitz, glamour & celebs, throughout the years there have overwhelmingly been a # of meaningful heart string dad and family plays. Many of them have revolved around kid parent (father or mother) relationships. Here’s our quick trip down that heart music’s memory lane using past Ad Meters, YouTube, etc.

  • 2014 – Microsoft, EmpoweringMicrosoft touches on how technology has helped people in amazing ways especially kids with prosthetic limbs. The ad is narrated by Steve Gleason (former NFL player and a Dad living w/ ALS). At the end Gleason is smiling while holding his child in his wheelchair.
  • 2014 – Hyundai Genesis, Dad’s 6th SenseVarious dads are saving their kids from near & present dangers. Our fathers are constantly on the lookout for their kids often with SUPER HERO reflexes.
  • 2104 – Cherrios, Gracie While this ad was designed for its bi-rascality, it’s equally effective as a Father-Daughter connector. Dad’s gentleness and affection for his lovely daughter, “Gracie” are thoroughly evident throughout the ad.
  • 2013 – Am Fam Insur, Long Live Dreams The message is stay strong, stand 4 your beliefs & believe in yourself. One of the scrapbk’s vids show a dad & kid playing ftball AND bonding in a timeless pic of “fatherhood.” AMEN!
  • 2012 – E-Trade, Fatherland The E-Trade baby talks with a new dad about investing in his son’s future. The message is that fathers must plan for their kids’ futures.
  • 2011 – VW, The Force Little Darth Vader tries to move things in his home with his “force.” His dad parks his VW as the kid gives one more “force” attempt. The VW restarts with his “force.” A tender & loving movement b/t father & son.
  • 2009 – Frosted Flakes, Plant a Seed – While this Dadvertisment has no instant dad-kid moment, it shows how dads (& moms) are bldg ball fields throughout the US. The message is clearly one of encouraging parents to get involved.
  • 2001 – Charles Schwab, Princess shows an English mum reading a fairy tale to a little girl of a princess swept off her feet by a handsome prince. With that said mum explains sometimes things don’t work out and investment advice is needed. (Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York was the mum & her daughter was the little girl.)
  • 1996 – MasterCard, Priceless – A comparison is made b/t the costs of baseball game tix & hotdogs VS a real conversation b/t an 11 yr kid and his dad & a little girl playing with a crdbx box instead of the Xmas toy that boxed it. PRICELESS!
  • 1980 – Coca Cola, Mean Joe Greene – A boy asks a sweaty tired Mean Joeif he would like his Coke after a hard game. At 1st Joe says no thx. He sees the boy’s disappointment, agrees to take the Coke and throws the kid his Jersey. This ad may be the ALL-TIME BONDING b/t an adult and a kid. WOW!

Other $B 2015 $OFT $IDE AD$

Budweiser- In a sequel to last year’s commercial “Puppy Love”, Budweiser uses their iconic Clydesdale horses to teach a lost puppy about friendship.

GoDaddy- Nascar star Danica Patrick will appear next to Buddy who is a golden retriever puppy and the company’s Chief Companion Officer (CCO). Entitled “Journey Home,” the ad was to highlight the journey to success by small-biz owners. (GoDaddy pulled its ad when it discovered the public outrage brought about by lost Buddy being sold on a website GoDaddy built by b-4 the puppy found his way home [AdAge, 1/28/2015]).

Coca-Cola- Online personality, Kid President will introduce the #MakeItHappy campaign which will focus on injecting happiness into various online venues. This ad will include testimonials from race car driver Danica Patrick and gay football player Michael Sam.

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