Maewyn Succat (St Patrick) was born in 389± and died in 461±. (Most accounts give 3/17 as the date of his death, though some sources say he was born on 3/17). He was kidnapped from “Roman Briton” (Scotland) at age 16 and taken to IRE as a slave. While in captivity, he found God. After 6 yrs of enslavement he escaped and returned home where he became a priest and a bishop. At age 43± he went back to IRE where he amazingly converted his captor, the legendary druid chieftain, Michu. He drove snakes (paganism) from IRE; he championed education; and he used the shamrock to teach the Trinity. Soon after his death, IRE commemorated him with his own holiday. He is the patron saint of Ireland (as is St Bridget who he baptized), Nigeria, New York, Boston, Montserrat, engineers and paralegals. (AmericanCatholic.org, Butler’s Lives of Saints, Catholic Online, Kat Bergeron, Knight Raider Newspapers, and The Catholic Encyclopedia).


  • IRISH ANCESTRY- According to US Census Bureau Facts for Features there are 3M Americans who claim Irish ancestry (Our #1 claimed ancestry is German. #2 is Irish). That is slightly over 10%. As for Michigan the our Irish ancestry is around 11% with German also being #1.
  • ST PAT’S DAY CELEBRATION- When given the above noted <11% of Irish ancestry for Americans, the fact that over 50% of BIG Research/NRF poll respondents will be celebrating St Pat’s Day is a handsome return on that ancestry.
  • ST PAT’S DAY SPENDING- The NRF estimates $4.63B will be spent this St Pat’s Day. “The Sheen of the Green” will avg $36.52 per (which is the most, ever). Furthermore, almost 80% of adults will attend a private party and/or party at a restaurant/bar with an overwhelming 82% of celebrants wearing green! (Men are more likely to “party” than women. Women are more likely to wear “The Green” which men are outspending “their green” by ).
  • US & IRISH TRADE- Ireland is one of the US’ most significant trade partners. Of the 238 countries that are US’s trading partners, Ireland is our 37th biggest export partner ($7.77B), our 13th biggest import partner ($33.98B) with a consequent -$26.21B Balance of Trade (our 7th biggest trade deficit partner).
  • A DRINKING HOLIDAY? Many US adults will enjoy St Pat’s Day with a tradition of alcoholic beverage consumption confirming WM Spain’s 2007 Marketwatch quote that St Pat’s Day is better known as a “drinking holiday” than a “driving out snakes” holy day. It has been estimated that Americans, Australians, and Canadians likely exceed their daily avg of ethanol consumption by 3-5 times. As far as drinking patterns, the OECD estimated that Moldova drank 4 liters of ethanol alcohol consumption per yr (11.31 oz per capita) as such it leads the world in alcohol consumption. Some other noteworthy numbers are;
  • Russia is #4 (5 liters per yr or 9.44 oz per wk)
  • Ukraine is #14 Tie (8 liters per yr or 7.67 oz per wk)
  • IRE is #24 (9 liters per yr or 7.01 oz of ethanol per wk)
  • Canada is #30 (3 liters or 6.70 oz of ethanol per wk)
  • US is #50 at (9 liters per yr or 85 oz of ethanol per wk)
  • Mexico is #84 (8 liters or 4.42 oz of ethanol per wk)
  • GREEN GA$ONOMIC$- Gas will be $1.014 cheaper this St Pat’s Day than last yr. For our hypothetical St Pat’s Day mo, drivers will save an estimated $10.14B (or 19 times the NRF estimated 2015 impact of this holiday’s spending). Our fam of 4 with 2 drivers (each driving 1,000 miles a mo at 25 mpg) will save a total of $81.12 or the value of 2.2 adult St Pat’s celebrants spending the NRF’s estimated $36.52 per for 3/17/15.


T-1: Green with Envy

  Americans Irish Am
Median Age 37.5 yrs 39.1 yrs
At least 25 yrs with Bachelors 29.60% 35.10%
At least 25 yrs with HS Diploma 86.60% 93.60%
Population # 316.13 M 33.35 M 1,2,3
Median Income $52,250 $60,967
% in Poverty 11.60% 7.30%
% in Mgmt (at least 16 yrs) Worked in Biz, Sci & Arts Occup 36.30% 41.90%
Home Ownership 63.50% 68.60%
  1. According to Am Comm Survey/US Census Bureau 2007-2011, Irish have the 3rd biggest ancestry in US (35.5 M). The Germans are #1 with 49.21 M and the African Am are #2 with 41.28 M (Following ranks are Mexican #4 with 31.79 M & #5 English with 26.92 M).
  2. Approx 32% live in the South, 25% in Northwest, 24% in Midwest & 18% in West.
  3. According to US Census 2000, Irish ancestry is #3 in Michigan at 10.7%, #1 is German 20.4% & #2 is Africa Am 11%.
  4. Of the 44 US Prezs 22 of them including Prez Obama have Irish ancestry. Famous celebs are Henry Ford, JFK & Elvis Presley (Biz Insider).

The above table paints the picture of the extraordinary success that Irish Americans have had over time. From being the most discriminated group at one time to being among America’s best educational, best incomed, with the best professional employment jobs and among the strongest home ownership %. Every minority should use Irish Americans as role models whose footsteps to success should be emulated.

Finally, we note that there are 4.6M Irishmen in Ireland and that is 7.2 times the # of Irish Americans. The GDP per capita of IRE is $50,503 (WorldBank). IRE has the world’s 25th biggest economy with the world’s 125th biggest population (CIA World Factbook).


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