PROMOTOPIA XXII (An Eval of MLB’s 2015 Promo Scheds)

MLB is in trouble! While it was fun & for a great cause to have funny man Will Ferrell play in some of your Spring games, he can’t attract fans to games when it counts, can he? Baseball’s future regarding in stadium attendance and TV viewership is in question.  Its perceived target market of SENIORS is troublesome.  And, then there is the chaos caused by the NFL’s dominancy with its being a 13 mo intergalactic league.  MLB has major league problems.  Those problems are YOU, ME and EVERYBODY!  To add fuel to the burn, let’s face it, baseball is a slow, sometimes boring & tedious game whether your team is winning or losing. (That’s why during Spring Training this yr MLB has been experimenting with pitch time clocks in the minors & forcing batters to stay in the batter box at all times).

After McGwire & Sosa “saved” baseball in 1998, baseball attendance & World Series’ TV viewership have been like rides at 6 Flags Great America. (2008’s avg game attnd was 32,516. ’09 & ’10’s attnds were down; ’11 & ’12’s were up; and ’13 was down as was ’14’s with an avg attnd of 30,437World Series TV viewing in ’08, avged 13.6 M per game [Nielsen]. It was up in ’09, down in ’10; up in ’11; down in ’12; up in ’13 & down in ’14 [with the avg # of viewers 13.8 M per game]).  MLB and its teams want butts in their stands, PERIOD.  If fans aren’t at the ball park then, MLB wants them as viewers whether in their “bed, bath and beyond” homes or in bars, retail boutiques, bocci ball courts, bowling alleys or frankly wherever screens (big or small) with baseball scenes and streams are available.  MLB teams MUST grab & maintain fan interest and involvement!  Key to any team’s investment (in its attending fans) is its promo sched.  It is another reason for fans to go to the ol’ boring ballpark.  The BOTTOM LINE is that teams MUST author major league experiences.  NOT every team can be in NYC, LA or CHI.  NOT every team can win a Pennant or a WS, but EVERY team CAN & MUST give its fans a major league experience during EACH of its 81 home games.  Furthermore, today the SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) MUST be part of the mix as they also compete for our very short attention spans and very limited discretionary time.

Yesteryr promos were pretty mundane by comparison to 2015’s.  The fare was some combo of magnetic scheds, growth charts, player bobbleheads (BBH), caps, tees, baseball cards, key rings, and “deals” on soft drinks, hot dogs, etc.  In 2015 we find “Star Wars” & other popular movie bobblehead giveaways, concerts, career fairs, biz of baseball programs, fedoras, ice cream bowls, “bark in the park” days (MLB’s “dog days”), raffles, sweepstakes, “All u can eat” days, Oct fests, and even SOCIAL MEDIA days (6 teams have them this yr).

We estimate that MLB’s 30 teams will spend $100 M± $25 M on promos with virtually every team having some kind of Opening Day & Closing Day Ceremonies. W/O a doubt the prince of promos is the bobblehead. ESPN’s Darren Rovell recently (2/20/15) discussed this phenomenon.  He notes that in 2010 there were 80 BBH promos.  By our count, 2015 is blessed with 130!  That’s a 62.5% increase since 2010! WOW!  According to Rick Schlesinger, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the MLW Brewers, 7,000 more people come to Miller Park on a BBH night than on a non-BBH.  Just imagine if teams did this every game! (If you take last yr’s attnd avg [30,437] & add 7,000 to it you get 37,437 a game.  The total attnd for MLB games in ’14 was just under 74 M but if you had BBHs every night the new total would be just under 91 M!  So how about it folks BBHs night every night 81 home games a year?)

We now “pitch” some summary stats for the 2015 promos scheds of MLB’s 30 teams.

  • Miami Marlins have the most promos w/ 213 (avg of 6 per home game). SD has the fewest w/ 23 promos (avg of 1 promo every 3.6 home games).
  • MLB teams in total have 2660 promos in 2015, 5 per team or 1.1 promo per home game.
  • This season’s 2660 promos show an increase of 8% since 2013 but a decrease of 5.4% since 2014.
  • 773 giveaways, a 5% increase since 2013.
  • 1721 events with a 9% increase since 2013.
  • 23 out of 30 teams will have fireworks in 2015 versus 24/30 in 2013.
  • 165 fireworks displays in 2015 (6% more since 2013 down 14% since 2014).
  • 17 teams (56% of teams) will have 39 concerts in 2015 up 22% in since 2013.
  • 5 more teams have concerts in 2015 than in 2014 but overall concerts are down by 17% since 2014.
  • 11 teams do ethnic days (37% of teams), 17% increase of days from 2014. SF celebrates 10 different ethnicities, FL celebrates 9 and OAK celebrates 5 An aggregate list of ethnic days and team/fan celebrants follows.
  • 7 teams celebrate Hispanic Days (ATL, AZ, CHS, FL, HST, STL, & TX).
  • 5 teams celebrate Italian Days (CHS, FL, OAK, PHL, & SF).
  • 4 teams celebrate Irish Days (DET, KC, PHL, & SF).
  • 4 teams celebrate Jewish Days (FL, OAK, PHL, & SF).
  • 3 teams celebrate African American Days (PHL, SF & WSH).
  • 2 teams celebrate Greek Days (CHS & PHL).
  • 2 teams celebrate Filipino Days (OAK & SF).
  • 2 teams celebrate Japanese Days (FL & SF).
  • 2 teams celebrate Portuguese Days (OAK & SF).
  • 2 teams celebrate Korean Days (OAK & SF).
  • 1 team celebrates Polish Heritage Day (CHS).
  • 1 team celebrates Puerto Rican Heritage Day (FL).
  • 1 team has 3 GENERIC Heritage Days on 1 wkend (ATL).
  • 1 team celebrates Asian Heritage Day (FL).
  • 1 team celebrates Caribbean Heritage Day (FL).
  • 1 team celebrates Columbian Heritage Day (FL).
  • 1 team celebrates Chinese Heritage Day (SF).
  • 1 team celebrates Dominican Heritage Day (FL).
  • 1 team celebrates Native American Heritage Day (SF).
  • 1 team celebrates Polynesian Heritage Day (SF).
  • 1 team celebrates Venezuelan Heritage Day (FL).
  • 19/30 teams (63%) have kids giveaways, 157
  • 17/30 teams (56%) do fan appreciation days.
  • 21/30 teams (70%) do “bark in the parks.”



Next is our PROMOTOPIA PLAYOFF BRACKET.  We took baseball’s playoff format and let the TOP 10 teams in our opinion duke it out for 2015 Promotopia Title.  A lot of factors go into the process when you’re grading each team’s promos.  Quantity vs Quality is a question that comes up a lot.  Do fans appreciate the throwback GVWYS or new age GVWYS more?  You can judge for yourself but we put together our thoughts with a letter grade for each team and their best promo of the 2015 season. (We here at the mikeroscope give a higher value to GVWYS you CAN”T go & buy yourself like a Babe Ruth BBH or a 1948 Bob Feller Replica Jersey. GVWYS like those get fans” to go out of their way” to come to the ballpark instead of just GVWYS like an ordinary ball cap, t-shirt or rally towel.)  We give our kind readers a short summary of each team’s promos in our APPENDIX. It is arranged by league, divisions and grade recieved. We note each team’s best promo, its avg game attendance and seating capacity. We suggest that you read those summaries now and then return to the schematic below on the play offs. Finally, we evaluate the success and failure of the playoffs while integrating avg attd and capacity.





NYY       A – LAA        B
Indians    A  Yankees   A –
Indians A  Brewers A +
DET        B+ BAL        B+
CLE        A  DET        B+



LAD       A –   MIA     B
MLW    A + STL       A –
Brewers A + Dodgers A –
STL      A – CHC      B+
  1. All letter grade ties are resolved from the # of promotions scheduled by each team. In other words, the team with the greater # of promos wins when their grades are tied (Our usual tie breaker didn’t work in the case of DET & BAL b/c they both have 56 promos. So this time we give the nod to the Tigers because of their exceptional Education Series that includes a Career Day, Math Day, Weather Day, Space Day & Journalism Day. )

There are many ways to evaluate promos & their impact. We offer that how well each team does relative to its capacity surely is one way. There are ONLY 11 teams with avg attendances that are w/i 10,000 of their stadia’s capacity (BST, CHC, DET, NYY, LAA, LAD, MLW, PIT, SF, STL & WSH). Of these, 7 made it to the Promotopia Playoffs. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES! If we look at purely avg home attd, 6 of the TOP 10 made our playoffs. If we look at the BOTTOM 10 in avg home attd, GEE WHIZ, we actually find that 2 (CLV & MIA) of the BTM no less make the playoffs with the Indians going to the WS. Again, NO GUARANTEES. It’s in the middle of the pack that there are issues. It is clear to us that each team better know its market & what its team means to the market. While each individual has his/her own thoughts, we undauntedly graded each team with a letter grade & selected its best promo!


LA ANGELS Overall Grade: B                                                Total Promos 52

Best Promo: Angels MVP Blanket                                                           (GVWYS=27; EVNTS=25)

Leading the way in the AL West the Angels come out strong with a Blanket featuring all of their MVP’s including 2014 MVP Winner Mike Trout. Also if you need a different kind of hat, an Angels game is where you need to be this Summer. The Angels are giving away a Beach Hat, Sombrero, Visor & then different themed Angel ball caps like Hawaiian & Mike Trout themed hats.                        AVG HOME ATTD: 38,221                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 45,483

OAKLAND A’s Overall Grade: C+                                                  Total Promos 50

Best Promo: Throwback Thursday Buttons                                         (GVWYS=18; EVNTS=32)

“Throwback Thursday” has become a staple on social media. It’s cool to see a team go with this idea. There are 10 commemorative buttons paying homage to players from the early 1900’s to recent A’s greats. However, it’s 2015 (not 1975) so how many folks collect buttons these days.  Also, they have “Scout Day”, Star Wars Day, Sports Clip Charity Cuts, Hello Kitty BBH and Pet Calendars                 AVG HOME ATTD: 25,045                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 35,067

SEATTLE MARINERS Overall Grade: C                                Total Promos 48

Best Promotion: Hisashi Iwakuma Bear Hat                                      (GVWYS=32; EVNTS=16)

The M’s are many analysts sleeper team this yr however, we think they went to sleep on their promos. They also have an Ack Attack Express Train GVWY which is part of their annual train GVWY going back to 2000. Pretty cool if you’re collecting them all not much to do with it if you aren’t.                       AVG HOME ATTD: 25,485                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 47,574

HOUSTON ASTROS Overall Grade: C-                                 Total Promos 68

Best Promo: Craig Biggio Replica Pinstripe Jersey                            (GVWYS=20; EVNTS=48)

Hard not to pick newly inducted Hall of Famer Craig Biggio & his Replica Jersey as the Astros’ best promo in 2015.  But the Astros made it easy b/c there is not much else to see promo wise for the Astros unless you want a Replica Model of the 1965 Astrodome.                                                           AVG HOME ATTD: 21,627                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,574

TEXAS RANGERS Overall Grade: F                                       Total Promos 56

Best Promo: Rangers Camo Cap                                                                         (GVWYS=27; EVNTS=29)

Unfortunately for the Rangers, they didn’t know their star pitcher, Yu Darvish would be out for the season with Tommy John surgery when they scheduled multiple GVWY’s and promos around him.  Some other cool promos by TEX include “Wildlife Education Day” & “Strikeout Alzheimer’s WKND”.              AVG HOME ATTD: 33,564                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 48,114


CLEVELAND INDIANS Overall Grade: A                              Total Promos 47

Best Promo: 1975 Red Replica Indians Jersey                                   (GVWYS=21; EVNTS=26)

The Tribe is giving away Jerseys in 2015 and that’s why they’re atop our list in the ALGVWYS are always nice but a Jersey is special.  Every fan wants a jersey and the Indians are giving their fans multiple chances to get one in 2015.  Jersey GVWYS this yr include 1975 Red replica, 1995 Mike Hargrove replica, 1995 Sandy Alomar replica, 1948 Bob Feller replica & a Yan Gomes jersey.  In total 57,500 jerseys are being giving away by the Indians this yr, definitely worth the price of ATTD.     AVG HOME ATTD: 18,428                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 36,675

DETROIT TIGERS Overall Grade: B+                                   Total Promos 54

Best Promo: Detroit Stars Scarf                                                             (GVWYS=32; EVNTS=21)

The Tigers bring together a good mix of old time traditions (Polish Night, Fireworks, Negro Leagues Tribute) and some newer items that likely will become traditions (National Coney Island floppy hat, Pink out the Park, Star Wars Day). Also “new” Tigers Yoenis Cespedes, David Price AND AL MVP Runner-Up Victor Martinez are BBHs!                                                                                                             AVG HOME ATTD: 36,014                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,574

MINNESOTA TWINS Overall Grade: B                                 Total Promos 184

Best Promo: Torii Hunter Jersey                                           (GVWYS=31; EVNTS=109; STIMPKS=44)

Twins have more quantity over quality when it comes to EVNTS & GVWYS this season.  But a return of a great Twin, Torii Hunter is outstanding. It is good to see him with a jersey GVWY. Their $1 Dog Days all fall on Student Days giving the students a nice value & a free Hoodie on Opening Day.                       AVG HOME ATTD: 27,785                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 39,021

CHICAGO WHITE SOX Overall Grade: B-                             Total Promos 343

Best Promo: White Sox Welcome Mat                                                   (GVWYS=29; EVNTS=314)

What White Sox fan who is excited about their “offseason” wouldn’t want a White Sox Welcome Mat for home. It is shaped like home plate. Hopefully, no one will steal it. CWS also have some cool day events like X-mas in July, Weather Day, Elvis Night & Police & Fire Night.                                       AVG HOME ATTD: 20,896                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 40,615

KC ROYALS Overall Grade: D+                                            Total Promos 105

Best Promo: 4 Postseason Players BBH                                               (GVWYS=17; EVNTS=88)

The Royals are not following their magical postseason run with many strong promos. An AL replica trophy GVWY is nice but only 10k fans?  A lot of events this season but not much sizzle.  KC will also celebrate their 1985 World Series Title & have a Animal Health Profession Appreciation Night, too.                AVG HOME ATTD: 21,454                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 37,903


NY YANKEES Overall Grade: A-                                            Total Promos 30

Best Promo: Babe Ruth Bobble Head                                                    (GVWYS=27; EVNTS=3)

It was a tight race b/t the Yanks & the Indians this yr.  The Promo Series went to 7 games but in the end the “Great BambinoBBH called his shot but a 1948 Bob Feller Replica Jersey struck him out. 2nd in the AL in Promotopia is nothing to be ashamed about Yankee fans, it will probably be a higher finish than your teams performance takes you this yr on the field. Yanks have a few other nice promos including multiple Cap Night GVWYS & BBH’s of current players Ellsbury & Tanaka.                  AVG HOME ATTD: 42,520                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 49,642

BALTIMORE ORIOLES Overall Grade: B+                           Total Promos 56

Best Promo: J.J. Hardy Orange Replica Jersey                                              (GVWYS=33; EVNTS=23)

The O’s are coming off a great season which featured an AL East Division Crown & an ALCS appearance. The O’s are very strong in the GVWYS category this yr with a J.J Hardy Jersey, Hooded Sweatshirt, Hawaiian Shirt & O’s Pet Leash & 20k of each of those items is a really good # for fans.                AVG HOME ATTD: 30,805                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 45,971

TAMPA BAY RAYS Overall Grade: B                                     Total Promos 29

Best Promo: Rays Retro Tin Lunchbox                                                             (GVWYS=29; EVNTS=0)

The Rays dominate the kid GVWY market, with Retro Tin Lunchbox’s, a RaysEtch a Sketch,” Batting Gloves, Evan Longoria Rubber Duck & more.  Now that the Rays have the attention of the kids, it’s time to concentrate on the people buying the tickets, the Adults.                                           AVG HOME ATTD: 17,857                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 31,042

TORONTO BLUE JAYS Overall Grade: B-                             Total Promos 54

Best Promo: Josh Donaldson White Replica Jersey                          (GVWYS=21; EVNTS=33)

The Blue Jays are another team victimized by tough competition.  A GVWY jersey of new comer Josh Donaldson is always a fan favorite.  Also, we love their Snow Day in July & GVWY of 20,000 winter mittens; they are very unique promos. Toronto may not be cold in July but winter is a long season in Canada.                                                                                                                               AVG HOME ATTD: 29,327                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 49,282

BOSTON RED SOX Overall Grade: C+                                          Total Promos 34

Best Promo: Wally Bobblehead                                                              (GVWYS=34; EVNTS=0)

The Red Sox aren’t much for promotions because they have history, a devoted fan base & Fenway Park. A few nice BBH’s this season and a Pedro Martinez Hall of Fame Plaque.                              AVG HOME ATTD: 36,494                      STADIUM CAPACITY:37,673


LA DODGERS Overall Grade: A-                                           Total Promos 75

Best Promo: Adult Jackie Robinson Replica Jersey                          (GVWYS=29; EVNTS=46)

The Dodgers are bringing some heat this April & more than just Kershaw’s fastball.  Right out the gate LAD has 3 big April GVWYS with the Robinson Jersey, Replica Pullover Jacket & a Fleece Blanket. LAD finishes the season strong as well with multiple BBH’s GVWYS & Fireworks & a Yasiel Puig Kids Replica Jersey.                                                                                                        AVG HOME ATTD: 46,695                      STADIUM CAPACITY:56,000

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Overall Grade: B                        Total Promos 76

Best Promo: World Series Champions Pennant                                 (GVWYS=21; EVNTS=55)

The Giants have a good promo schedule but it was tough competition in the NL. A lot of events sometimes waters downs your events as a whole and a 2 for 1 Virgin Airline Voucher GVWY sometimes is just annoying to fans (Gee whiz you MUST BUY 1 tix to get the 2nd one). World Series GVWYS are nice but nothing new for Giants fans.  Maybe its time for some throwbacks for the Giants. Having said that, SF surely a Bonds BBH may not be the way to go.                                                          AVG HOME ATTD: 41,588                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,915

SAN DIEGO PADRES Overall Grade: C +                            Total Promos 94

Best Promo: Padres Camo Replica Jersey                                          (GVWYS=7; EVNTS=87)

San Diego always does a great job at showing respect to the Men & Women who serve this countries military.  This yr it looks like the Padres spent all their money on the field & not for GVWYS in the stands.  A few nice items do remain like the Padres Camo Replica Jersey. The Padres had the least total promo’s of all the teams.                                                                                            AVG HOME ATTD: 27,103                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 42,302

ARIZONA D’BACKS Overall Grade: C-                                 Total Promos 45

Best Promo: Randy Johnson Hall of Fame BBH                                  (GVWYS=14; EVNTS=31)

The Diamondbacks don’t have much to offer this yr but for any D’Backs fan a BBH of recently inducted Hall of Fame Pitcher Randy Johnson may be more than enough.                                        AVG HOME ATTD: 25,601                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 48,633

COLORADO ROCKIES Overall Grade: D                               Total Promos 117

Best Promo: Mullet Hat                                                                             (GVWYS=29; EVNTS=88)

Very boring promo sched from the Rockies & when they do have GVWYS only 5 to 10k fans get the item which is very low % of people in ATTD. Baseball Bingo & Weather & Science Day round out the promo yr.  COL’s best promos in a very poor promo yr.                                                                             AVG HOME ATTD:33,090                       STADIUM CAPACITY: 50,398


MILWAUKEE BREWERS Overall Grade: A+                                      Total Promos 73

Best Promo:  “Jedi Luc” Bobble Head                                                     (GVWYS=45; EVNTS=28)

Brewers run away with Promotopia in 2015. They lead the league with Bobble Head GVWYS but also are incorporating those Bobble Heads into their Major League and Star Wars movie night.  2 popular movies of their time and having their own announcer Bob Uecker being a star of the Major League movie helps make these 2 promos top notch. Star Wars Night GVWY is the best promo the “Jedi Luc” Bobble Head which has All-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy modeled as a Jedi Knight.                        AVG HOME ATTD: 34,535                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,900

  1. LOUIS CARDINALS Overall Grade: A- Total Promos 88

Best Promo: Adult Cardinals Pullover                                                              (GVWYS=33; EVNTS=55)

Cardinals bring a lot to the table in 2015 for kids & adults alike. Great promo schedule 2nd best in the NL but when you have a division rival as powerful as the Brewers promos are this year it makes it tough to advance in Promotopia! Along with an Adult Cardinals Pullover (who doesn’t like getting something the players ware) Cardinals have a Replica Batting Jersey of Matt Carpenter, a hooded Sweatshirt & BBH’s of Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith & Gold Glove winning Catcher Yadier Molina.       AVG HOME ATTD: 43,711                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 43,975

CHICAGO CUBS Overall Grade: B +                                        Total Promos 36

Best Promo: Chicago Whales Replica Throwback Jersey                (GVWYS=30; EVNTS=6)

The Cubs generally rely on promo quality not quantity & they continue that trend this yr with some really stand out GVWYS. This yr the items that stand out is the Whales Replica Jersey, Wrigley Field Football, Billy Williams Replica Statue & Jorge Soler BBH. Like the MIA the Cubbies are also giving the kids a Growth Chart, the Cubs one features their Big 1st baseman Anthony Rizzo.                AVG HOME ATTD: 32,742                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,072

CINCINNATI REDS Overall Grade: C+                                   Total Promos 121

Best Promo: Nasty Boys Triple Bobblehead                   (GVWYS=26; EVNTS=95)

As usual Cincy will have a few “Barks in the Park” but the GVWY front is lacking. Only 5 different BBH this year including their remembering of the 1990 World Series season with our Best Promo the “Nasty Boys Triple BBH” featuring Randy Myers, Rob Dibble & Norm Charlton of the 1990 Reds.                 AVG HOME ATTD: 30,576                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 42,319

PITTSBURGH PIRATES Overall Grade: D                               Total Promos 91

Best Promo: Bill Mazeroski Replica Statue                    (GVWYS=51; EVNTS=40)

Now that the Pirates have put together a few winning seasons it looks like their promos are suffering. Hall of Famer & Pirate great Bill Mazeroski Replica Statue is a nice GVWY while fans enjoy seeing a winning ball club for once. Sat Nights will be fun as well with Scratch & Win & Block Parties.           AVG HOME ATTD: 30,155                      STADIUM CAPACITY:38,362


MIAMI MARLINS Overall Grade: B                                         Total Promos 281

Best Promo: Giancarlo Stanton Growth Chart                                                (GVWYS=11; EVNTS=270)

When it comes to the Marlins it is really quantity over quality. They aren’t offering anything really near the GVWYS of the Brewers, Cardinals & Dodgers but they have a lot of GVWYS on a smaller level especially for the kids. For Miami’s best promo we went with the Stanton Growth Chart (What happened to these? Kids & parents love them why did teams get away from this). Marlins really excel with their events. They have everything from SELFIE’S with the players days to Nurse’s Night. The Marlins had the most total promo’s of all the teams.                                                                                 AVG HOME ATTD: 21,386                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 36,742

NY METS Overall Grade: B-                                                    Total Promos 54

Best Promo: Friday T-Shirts collect all 13                        (GVWYS=34 EVNTS=20)

The Mets do a lot of the normal promotions like T-Shirts GVWYS & Bark in the Park. The Mets also have a few concerts including The Steve Miller Band that will make you want to “Take Your Money and Run” to the ballpark.                                                                                                       AVG HOME ATTD: 26,860                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,922

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Overall Grade: C+                         Total Promos 113

Best Promo: 1960’s Phillies Ball Cap                                                    (GVWYS=30; EVNTS=83)

The Phillies promos much like their team seem to be in transition.  They have a few nice Ball Caps & a Retro Jersey but not a lot of depth in their order. First Responders & Class of 2015 Night are creative ideas.  The 1960’s Ball Cap caught our eye because it’s a nice GVWY for Father’s Day WKND.                  AVG HOME ATTD: 29,924                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 43,651

ATLANTA BRAVES Overall Grade: C                                        Total Promos 102

Best Promo: Zombie Night                                                     (GVWYS=10; EVNTS=92)

A lot of standard events & promos from the Braves this yr, maybe they’re saving for their new ball park opening in the coming yrs. Though Homeschool & Yoga Day are innovative ideas. The Walking Dead TV Show on AMC is a national craze so Zombie Night at the old ball park should be fun.                             AVG HOME ATTD: 29,065                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 49,586

WASHINGTON NATIONALS Overall Grade: C                         Total Promos 97

Best Promo: Camp in the Park Day                                    (GVWYS=43; EVNTS=54)

The National’s Promos fit their status of being in our nation’s capital with a lot of events honoring the folks who serve our country. Camp in the Park Day, nothing new here but always fun for the kids. Nats have a few other standard events like Bark in the Park, Signature Sundays & Social Media Night.          AVG HOME ATTD: 31,844                      STADIUM CAPACITY: 41,408

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