While Oscar De La Hoya was called the “Golden Boy”, Michigan’s Floyd Mayweather is definitely the “Money Man” His name in the boxing arena prints more dollar bills than does the US Treasury. The $300 M+ Pay Per View on May 2nd 2014 is by far the biggest PPV “box office” EVER. (See Table 1) As a matter of it doubles the 2nd biggest PPV fight in 2013 when Mayweather defeated Saul Alvarez. Below, we establish some bench marks for the meaning / comparability of $300 M. What are some equivalents? (Table 2 compares Mr Mayweather’s May 2nd split to the contract$ of other current very successful and well paid athletes. T-3 notes Mayweather’s big PPV fights starting with De La Hoya bout in 2007 and T-4 is a creative look at the fights money in boxing lingo.) Now back to those $300 M± equivalents.

  • It is greater than the 2014 domestic summer box office for X-Men 6 ($290 M) and Transformers 4 ($285 M). And by the time all the PPV pennie$ are punched for Mayweather v Pacquiao, they may exceed last summer’s #1 domestic box office flick, Train Dragon 2 ($325 M).
  • According to Forbes’ 2014 team evaluations, there are 9 of the NHL’s 30 teams (30%) that are valued at $300 M or less. As far as revenue goes, NO NHL TEAM generated $300 M. The NYRangers made the most revenue at $217 M.
  • According to Forbes, there is NO NBA team that revenued $300 M last yr with the Lakers & Knicks coming the closest at $295 M & $287 M,
  • ONLY 10 of the NFL’s 32 teams (31%) generated at least $300 M in revenue last yr (Forbes).
  • ONLY 5 MLB teams(NYY, LAD, BOS, SFG & CHC) earned at least $300 M last yr datas Forbes.
  • During the Holiday Season (N&D) 2014, there were ONLY 2 movies that made at least $300 M domestically (Am Sniper $348 M and The Hunger Games (Mockingjay Part 1, $337 M). As for movies released since Jan 1st 2015, ONLY Furious 7 ($320.5 M) has crossed the $300 M domestically (with Cinderella being next at almost $191 M.)
  • The CIA World Factbook lists 14 of the 225/6 countries, whose GDPs it estimates, that have purchasing powers that are less than the expected $300 M PPV receipts for the upcoming Mayweather v PacMan These countries include Palau (GDP = $272 M), Cook IS (GDP = $183 M) and the Marshall IS (GDP= $178 M).

Over Mr. Mayweather’s (FM) last 10 fights he has landed 183 of the 477 punches that he has thrown (38.4%) during his 328.6 mins in the ring. His total earned purse for these fights is $29.2 M. Here’s what his earnings mean in terms of ring time spent and punches thrown & landed. (See Table 4 for appropriate data).

  • FM has earned $1,051,919.13 per min or $17,531.98 per sec entertaining/ fighting.
  • FM’s purse also means he has earned an avg $66,876.03 per punch landed AND $170,067.99 per punch thrown.

Given the above avgs for Mr. Mayweather during his May 2nd flight against Mr. Pacquiao, his 60% of the $300 M PPV “purse” will be $180 M. He will earn by punch & by time the following:

  • A 12 round match is assumed (as 8 of his last 10 matches) $5 M per min OR $83,333 per sec.
  • Given that 12 round assumption, his # of thrown punches will likely be 522 with 200½ of them landing. With these avgs the Grand Rapids “Great” will collect:
  • $360,153.26 per punch thrown OR
  • $897,755.61 per punch landed. BOMB$ AWAY!


  • $99 for HD PPV, the highest even for PPV.
  • Previous PPV record $152 M FM vs Saul Canelo Alvarez 9/13.
  • Lifetime earnings of $385 M/$400 M for Mayweather b-4 the Pacquiao fight.
  • FM Finished in 9th place (2007) in “Dancing with the Stars” (partner was Karina Smirnoft)
  • In 2010 FM battered ex-girlfriend and mother of his 3 kids; he served a 3 mo jail sentence.
  • He owns 88

 PPV revenue for Mayweather fights till 5/3/14 was $750 M. With the $300M± for May 2nd the PPV revenue from his fights will total $1B±. WOW!

  • “SuperPitch” Justin Verlander of the Tigers signed $180 M for 5 yrs (equals Mayweather’s 1 night fight)
  • Expected GATE RECEIPTS $74 M ($14 M greater than SBXLIV/SB 49’s gate.)
  • FM’s wkly “sweets” cost $321.43. With his purse he could buy over 28 M lbs of Twizzlers (Twizzlers being his favorite. Wal-Mart’s price is $12.49 per 2lbs) IF FM bought ONLY Twizzlers every wk from Wal-Mart, (to satisfy his “sweets” fetish) he would buy 73 lbs per wk. 1 of Twizzlers and it would cost him $16,714.38. If he spent his whole $180M purse on Twizzlers he could buy 10,769+ yrs worth of licorice!
  • With FM’s $180 M purse he could also buy every household in his hometown Grand Rapids (72,760US Census Bureau) a new 70” TV from Best Buy, the HD PPV fight, and a few Little Caesar’s pizzas to “snack on”.
MAY 2nds Tale of the Tape
Mayweather Pacquiao
Record 47-0-0 (26 KO’s) 57-5-2 (38 KO’s)
Forbes Rk, 14′ Income
& Net Worth
#1, $105 M
& $280 M
#11, $41.8 M
& $132 M
Age 38 36
Height /Reach 5’8/72 in 5’6 ½/67 in
Weight Welterweight Welterweight
Contract Showtime/CBS HBO
Stance Orthodox Southpaw
Nickname “Money” “Pac-Man”
Fighter of yr 2 3
Dvsn Chmpshps 5 8
ESPY’S 6 2
Olym Medals 1 Bronze 0
Lb per Lb Rnk 1 3
Twitterites 5.58 M 1.64 M
Facebookites 9.06 M 6.13 M
Sources: ESPN, Facebook, Forbes & Twitter


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