SB I in 1967 (which then awkwardly referred to as the 1st NFL-AFL Football World Championship Game) was played b-4 a 2/3 capacity filled LA Coliseum. There were almost 62,000 in attendance. SB 50 will be played at Levi Stadium in SF (350 miles/ driving hrs from SB I). The capacity of Levi is 68,500 with an overflow possibility of 76,500. 1967 featured a 1st class stamp for 5¢; 1 gal of regular gas cost 33¢; and a 30 sec TV ad that was priced at $40,000.  The cost of a 1st class stamp today is 49¢ (9.8 mlp of ’67 stamp). A gal of reg gas costs $2.77 (8.4 mlp of ’67 gas) and a 30 sec SB ad will cost b/t $5 M & $6 M (137½ mlp of ’67 ad price). If we applied the 137½ adflation mlp to the stamp and reg gas, they would cost $6.99 & $45.38, respectively today. WOW! The TV audience for SB I was 51.2 M. The TV audience for SB 50 is expected to be b/t 115 M & 120 M. The TV viewing audience will therefore, easily be increased by almost 150%. By comparison the US population has ONLY increased by 60%. (The US’ 1967 population was 200 M±. 2015’s population will be estimated at 320 M±). We shall now continue with a few snackfact$ for SB 50.

  • SB 50 will be the 1st SB to use Arabic numerals. SB 51 will return to roman numerals.
  • The 50th anniversary is the “golden anniversary” of the SB. NFL will add gold to many logos and even the 50 yard line will be gold. Starting wk 7 sideline jackets will have gold trimmed logos
  • NBC sold about 70 “in-game” units for SB 49 (a 30 sec ad is 1 unit).
  • Anheuser-Busch has committed to 10 units± as part of its their long term deal signed in 2010. A-B does NOT pay the rate card price.
  • CBS plans to sell SB ad packages attached to Sunday afternoon AFC games & Thurs Night Football to attract more advertisers.
  • Gold Footballs will be given to each high school that has had a SB rostered player or coach.
  • The NFL estimates that over 3000 players and coaches have been SB rostered since SBI. Those rostered players/ coaches will actually deliver the gold ftball to their high schools.
  • The Cleveland, Detroit, Houston & Jacksonville franchises will NOT be delivering any footballs to their high schools b/c…
  • The SB 50 victor will receive a gold Lombardi Trophy. The value of that trophy is $50,000± vs the World Series trophy of $15,000 vs the NBA trophy of $13,500. All are designed by Tiffany.  The Stanley Cup however is a much older trophy.  It is a bowl that was bought from a London Silversmith for $48.67 in 1892.  Engraving costs annually are $1000 (the value of this trophy today is $650,000±).
  • Talking about gold, Paul Hornung GB running back was called the “Golden Boy.” Tom Brady is said to have had a “Golden Boy” image. The NFL’s highest evaluated team (Forbes 2014) is DLS at $3.20 B; Commish Goldell made $35 M in 2013; Aaron Rogers (QB, GB) is the NFL’s Highest pd player at $22 M. And the Highest pd coach is Sean Payton (NO) at $8 M.

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