T-1: The Economic Worth of Dad’s At Home Jobs, 2015 ( data)
“Implied % of Dad’s $$ & Time
DAD’s JOBS a Hrs Wks Hourly ∆ 14-15 % Hr Wage Ann Dad by by    
per Wk per Yr Wage Earnings” Earningsc Timed
Helping w/ Hmwk 10 40 $27.40 +3.9% $10,960.00 42.63% 29.46%
Driving 9 52 $15.23 +12.8% $7,127.64 27.73% 34.46%
BBQ 3 52 $10.40 +1.2% $1,622.40 6.31% 11.49%
Mowing & Plowing 2 52 $11.35 +10.4% $1,180.40 4.59% 7.66%
Handyman 8 6 $20.30 +0.6% $974.40 3.79% 3.53%
Coaching a Team 4 10 $24.35 +4.3% $974.00 3.79% 2.95%
Scout Leader 5 10 $17.90 +27.6% $895.00 3.48% 3.68%
Family Finances 0.5 52 $30.90 -2.5% $803.40 3.13% 1.91%
Assembly of Toys, etc 3 10 $15.83 +3.8% $474.50 1.85% 2.21%
Car Maintenance 2 10 $18.43 +3.2% $368.60 1.43% 1.47%
Plumber 2 3 $30.53 +0.4% $183.16 0.71% 0.44%
Moving Furniture 2 3 $13.10 NC $78.60 0.31% 0.44%
Pest Removal 1 4 $16.33 +7.8% $65.32 0.25% 0.29%
51.5 N/A $19.39b N/A $25,707.42 100.00% 100.00%
a. The 13 wage categories were developed by using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.
b. average of hourly wage. This is a straight line avg and NOT a weighted avg per task per hr.
c. We calculated the % of the total earnings for each classification
d. We calculated the % of time actually spent doing each task, given hrs per wk & wks per yr doing each task/activity.

A few wks ago we reviewed the economic value for a Stay At Home Mom (; it was estimated to be $65,291.20. We found her market worth grew +3.6% over ’14. Now, we find that Dad’s market value for his “home jobs” (Assuming he is NOT a Stay At Home Dad) is worth +6.6% over ’14. (While not the topic of this Scope’s discussion, perhaps the MOST impactful $$ is the combined value of the Stay at Home Mom’s implied value when added to the implied value of Dad’s “At Home Jobs.” They total to be almost $91,000. WOW!). Given Dad’s 6.6% increase in value this year we find that his hourly wage has increased in 11 labor categories; decreased in 1; & stayed the same in 1. His biggest increase was 27.6% as a Scout Leader. The singular decline in his implied wages was as a Family Financial Advisor (-2.5%) and there were no changes in his “implied wage” as a Furniture Mover. 70% of Dad’s implied wages and 64% of his time came from 2 categories of “employment” (Helping with Home Work & Driving).

According to “Facts4Features” (US Census Bureau) there were 24.7 M Fathers in 2014 who were part of married families (with children younger than 18), we assume they ALL fit the “implied father’s earning profile” listed in T-1. The implied value of these dads to the economy would almost be $635 B. These $$ if they were GDP $$ and if there was a nation called Implied Fatherhood Earnings would have the 33rd biggest economy (GDP) in the world. (See CIAWorldFactbook for a listing of the purchasing powers of the various countries of the world.) It would be slotted b/t Columbia and the UAE (See T-2).

T-2: GDPs According to CIA World Factbook
Country Rank Economy
South Africa 31 $ 683.1 B
Columbia 32 $ 642.7 B
Implied Father’s Earnings Land   $ 635.0 B
UAE 33 $ 605.0 B
Algeria 34 $ 552.6 B


Our F-Day gas info shows that gas prices have very gradually increased over the last mo. Our ALL SHADES, ALL GRADES gal of gas (Dept of Energy) nonetheless is still 83.1¢ per gal cheaper than F-Day time 2014. The result is that Americans will save about $8.31 B during our mythical F-Day mo (calculations assume 250 B driven miles per mo and a mpg of 25). As for our fam of 4 with 2 drivers, each driving 1200 per mo or 40 miles per day (mpg of 25), it will save $79.78 during F-Day mo which is 69% of their likely $115.57 (NRF) spend for dear ol’dad. Those savings could be bundled in a gas gift card at current gas prices that would mean about 27  gals of free gas for dad! We should put our pedal to the medal for our fathers on this day, F Day, June 21st!

Hppy F-Day!

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