According to the US Census Bureau (2014), there are $70.1 M fathers in America. The good news is that increasingly fathers are participants rather than observers in their kids’ lives. The awesome positive impact that participating papas bring to the lives of their kids is ONLY matched by the dastardly negative impact that occurs in the lives of our FATHERLESS kids. 1 in 3 American kids or 24 M (Nat’l Fatherhood Initiative) of our kids live in a FATHERLESS home. That deprivation of being FATHERLESS is felt economically, socially and psychologically by these kids & by America. The data below regarding FATHERLESS kids speak for themselves.

  • 1 in 4 of these kids will “grow up” in POVERTY (US Census Bureau, 2011).
  • INFANT MORTALITY is twice as likely for them (Nat’l Center for Health Stats, 2000).
  • These kids have a higher incidence of AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR (Jrnl Family & Marriage, 2007).
  • These kids are 6 times more likely to be NEGLECTED (Bendheim – Thoman Cter for Research, 2010).
  • They are 8 times more likely to be MALTREATED (Bendheim – Thoman Cter for Research, 2010).
  • FATHERLESS daughters are twice as likely to engage in SEXUAL ACTIVITY at an early age AND 7 times more likely to have a TEEN PREGNANCY (Jrnl of Family Issues, 2004).
  • As teens, FATHERLESS kids are twice as likely to be school “DROPOUTS” (Dept of Ed, Nat’l Cter for Ed Stats).
  • Traditionally, these kids are more likely to COMMIT A CRIME (Jrnl of Youth & Adolescence, 2000).
  • 90% of HOMELESS & RUNAWAY KIDS are FATHERLESS (US Dept of Health & Human Services).
  • 63% of YOUTH SUICIDES come from FATHERLESS homes (US Dept of Health & Human Services).




  • CHILD CARE time by fathers has increased since the 1970s. B/T 1965 & 2010 it tripled (6 hrs per wk vs 7.2 hrs per wk). For mothers, CHILD CARE time increased 30% (from 10½ hrs to 13.7 hrs). See Facts for Features, Census Bureau releases for M-Day & F-Day 2012 to 2015.
  • In 1960 25% of families had DUAL INCOMES. In 2013 60% of families had DUAL INCOMES (Pew Research, 2014). The point being that there is much more need for dads to be care-givers today than ever b-4.
  • Working fathers & working mothers have the same likelihood of saying that they would rather BE AT HOME WITH THEIR KIDS than at work. (See Facts for Features, Census Bureau releases for M-Day & F-Day 2012 to 2015.)
  • In 1960 11% of kids under 18 yrs were LIVING APART FROM THEIR FATHERS vs 27% in 2010. (See Facts for Features, Census Bureau releases for M-Day & F-Day 2012 to 2015.)
  • In 1960 ONLY 14% of SINGLE PARENT HHs were run by men. By 2011, almost 25% were run by men (Huffington Post 2013 referring to Pew Research).
  • In 2011 $2 B of the $3.7 B (54%) OWED CUSTODIAL FATHERS was pd while $19.5 B of the $31.7 B OWED CUSTODIAL MOTHERS (61½%) was paid. (Facts for Features, Census Bureau releases for M-Day & F-Day 2012 to 2015.) Congrats to ALL PAYOR$ for paying their CHILD SUPPORT. While these results clearly show that our system is imperfect it also surely provides a counter to the DEADBEAT DAD claim. (The total of pd child support in the US is $21.5B. If these $$ were the GDP of a country it would be the 131st biggest GDP in the world in 2013. Cyprus was 130th at 1B with Mauritius currently being 131st at $20.95B. Since the CIA WorldFactbook lists 227 nations with GDPs, our new nation “US Support Payments Made Land” would be in the top 58% economies of the world.)
  • STAY AT HOME DADS grew from 176,000 to 214,000 (+2%) b/t 2011 & 2013. STAY AT HOME MOMS grew from 5 M in 2011 to 5.2 M (+4.0%) in 2014. (Facts for Features, Census Bureau releases for M-Day & F-Day 2012 to 2015.)

The family sitcoms of the 1950s such as the Ozzie & Harriet Show (1952-66) and Father Knows Best (1954-60) portrayed a father who did very little; who was sort of a scatter brain; and was hardly ever involved in the lives of or in any meaningful decisions of his kids’ lives. The truth is that today fathers must be very involved in their kids’ lives. This involvement and connection with his kids gives him the opportunity to meaningfully impact their lives and therefore to give to them some, many or all of the advantages as noted in this Scope. In the final analysis better parenting yields better kids, yields better families & a better society.

                                                          PAPA’S PATERNITY LEAVE! 

In a recent issue of The Economist (our favorite mag read) there were 3 articles regarding parental leave at birth

time and dad’s involvement with his kids given those who take such leave vs those who don’t. These

5/20/15 articles are summarized below.

ü  Of the 185 countries surveyed, PD MATERNITY leave was a reality in all but 2 nations, America and

Papua New Guinea. (In the US some fed govn’t jobs permit women 12 weeks of unpd leave while

Sweden gives a yr plus of pd maternity leave.)

ü  ½ ± of the world’s countries offer “new dads” short periods at home. Fathers who take even a short

leave were more likely to play a more aggressive role in subsequent child rearing with down the

road benefits including better grades in school.

ü  The value of PATERNITY leave to kids aside, as a group these PAPAS were older, wealthier, better

educated, more likely to own a home and more likely to be white than non-paternity leavers.

(This info came from a British study.) Indeed, there was lasting value to kids with dads who were

paternity-leavers. Just 4 the Record these kids were already privileged, whether PATERNITY LEAVE

was a cause or an effect, the continuing stream of benefits to kids of PATERNITY LEAVERS is undeniable.

Please note from time to time Mr Prathik Hosalli, a senior to be at International Academy East will be joining our staff as an intern. On those occasions, Mr Hasalli will be noted at the bottom of our Scopes as he is today along with our other excellent UDM in house contributors. THX to all who contribute to the Scope from time to time.

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