AAA announced that 41.9 M Americans will be travelling at least 50 miles from home this Independence Day (Indp Dy) holiday season. 35.5 M (84.7%) will travel by auto with another 6.4 M (15.3%) travelling by air, boat, etc. The Indp Dy season is the most heavily travelled of ALL the summer holidays with 13.1% of the US population travelling and 11.1% doing it by autos.

  1. Gas Savings for the Holiday Wknd Trip
  1. Using our all shades, all grades of gasoline price (Dept of Energy), gas will be $1.778 per gal cheaper this yr vs. 2014. Given AAA’s 5 M auto travelers, we estimate that these travelers will pump $433.435 M fewer $$ this Indp Dy season. (These savings assume an avg of 2.3 passengers per vehicle, a 400 mile round trip and 25 mpg.) Each 400 mile round trip will (on avg) cost each gas buyer(s) $28.45 less this yr vs 2014.
  1. Gas Savings for the Hypothetical Independence Day Mo (the 400 mile trip aside)
  1. Given an avg month of driving of 250 B miles by American drivers, Americans will save $17.78 B in gasoline this hypothetical Indp Dy mo vs 2014.
  1. Our family of 4 with 2 drivers will save $170.69 in gas purchases (assumes 1200 miles per driver per mo and 25 mpg during this hypothetical Indp Dy Mo of 2015).
  1. Estimates of Indp Dy Celebrating and Spending


The NRF estimates that 88.3% of all adult Americans will celebrate Indp Dy by a cookout, fireworks, a parade, travel, etc with the cookout being the most popular (64.4%). According to the NRF adult Americans will each spend $71.23 in Indp Dy celebration for a total econ impact of $6.68 B. Other data supplied by the NRF includes:

  • 62½% of all families (households) have an American Flag
  • 44½% have a t-shirt/hat etc that is considered as patriotic.
  • 362/3% have Indp Dy decorations
  • 23% claimed that they were likely to buy some patriotic merchandise b-4 Indp Dy


Wallet Hub ranks 100 cities regarding Indp Dy celebrations. (It ranks them on Entertainment & Eating, Attractions & Activities and Weather.) Of the 100 ranked cities, Minneapolis is #1; Las Vegas is #100 and Detroit is #21.




  1. Hot Dog Heaven belongs to the Summer in USA


According to Nat’l hot Dog & Sausage Council, Americans will eat 150M Ht Dgs on Indy Dy (stretching from DC to LA 5 times!) From Mem Day to Labor Day Americans eat 7 B Ht Dgs or 818 per second or almost 8 per mo (1lb) for every American over 10 yrs old (during that same time period). In 2014 1 B packs of Ht Dgs were sold at retail for $2.5 B. At MLB parks last summer 21.4 M Ht Dgs were sold or almost 1 to every 3 fans per game. LA, NY & ATL are the TOP 3 Ht Dg consuming cities in the US. Detroit is #8! LA, NY & CHI are the TOP 3 sausage consuming cities. Motown is #5.

  1. Foreign Trade “Flags” for the US in More Ways Than One


For July, 2014 the US had a $41.4 B Negative Balance of Trade with EXPORTS of $196.9 B and IMPORTS of $238.3 B. Contributing to this deficit was Old Glory herself! In 2014 the US imported $3.6M worth of flags (with $3.5M coming from China) while only exporting $1.8M (Turkey was the biggest importer with $673K). That ratio is almost $2 for every R,W & B in imports vs $1 for every export. GO FIGURE!




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