T-1 Primary & Secondary School % Enrollment from 1995-2023 By Race and Hispanic Ethnicity
Category 1995 2001 2006 2011 2016 2021 2023
White 64.8 60.3 56.4 51.7 48.5 45.9 45.1
Black 16.8 17.2 17.1 15.8 15.2 15.0 15.1
Hispanic 13.5 17.1 20.6 23.7 27.0 29.3 29.9
Asian Pac Is 3.7 4.3 4.7 5.1 5.2 5.4 5.5
Othera 1.1 1.2 1.2 3.7 4.0 4.4 4.5
Total 99.9 100.1 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.1
a. Other = American Indian, Alaskan Native & 2 or more races


T-2: Regional Primary & Secondary School Enrollment % by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity (2011)
Category Northeast Midwest South West
White 59.7 68.5 46.6 39.8
Black 14.7 14.0 23.9 5.3
Hispanic 17.5 10.7 23.0 40.6
Asian Pac Is 6.4 3.0 3.0 9.2
Othera 1.7 3.8 3.4 5.1
Total 100.0 100.0 99.9 100.0
a. Other = American Indian, Alaskan Native & 2 or more races



We’ve all heard that diversity is the “spice of life”; indeed it is! We’re also very familiar with the marketplace directive of “target marketing”. Looking at Tables 1 & 2 together, our conclusion is GOOD LUCK! There is NO nation in the history of the modern world that can come anywhere close to claiming America’s diversity (Australia and Canada are paupers by comparison). ADDITIONALLY, that diversity is in a constant state of change! Please witness the mega differences in the % of WHITE primary and secondary school enrollment b/t 1995 & 2011. WOW!

Let’s start our analysis with one of the most amazing happenings that has ever taken place in this nation’s existence. We must be speaking about the Revolution of 1776, right? Well not so fast. How about the Revolution of 2014 when WHITE elementary and secondary students became less than 50% of the US school population? In 2013 WHITES were 50.4% of primary & secondary school’s population. Then, in 2014 WHITE primary & secondary students dropped to 49.8% of that population and became a minority. HOW ABOUT THAT? This occurred as the total population itself, mind you, was still 77.7% WHITE! ( There can be little question and NO CONTRADICTION that the YOUTH WILL LEAD THE WAY!!! We speak of the 3 Rs (Readin’, Writin’ & ‘Rithmatic) in schools. We also hear about the necessity of a strong STEM education. With all that said and done we wonder if America’s differing regions are able to cope, facilitate, accommodate and properly integrate the diverse demographies that each of differing regions offers?

Frankly, it’s time to make sure that the “supply side” meets the “demand side.” Our schools MUST be prepared to meet their customers and their families on their home turf b-4 mandating that one size 3 Rs or STEM focus fits all. For example the South & the West MUST immediately recognize the intense need for Hispanic bilinguality inside AND outside the classroom. Besides Hispanic teachers, the school systems MUST work overtime in bringing English to its growing, Hispanic marketplace. Since Hispanism has a high rate of poverty, the aforementioned school systems MUST make sure that these K-12 public schools’ kids are NOT “punished” b/c of their families’ poorness. This of course means that public schools must have the resources necessary to to succeed. Similarly, private schools MUST be competitive with their academic offerings and their resources.

The South and to some extent the Midwest and the Northeast MUST make sure that the Black population (b/c of its poverty) has the opportunity to succeed as well. Above all else the US likes to speak of itself as being “The Land of Opportunity.” Having said that, we don’t mean that poverty is an equal opportunity/employer b/c we know it is NOT! We MUST also be very sensitive to the Asian Pacific and Indian communities. These communities are very strong in the West and have considerable strength in the Northeast as well. In particular the Chinese and the Indians bring the vitality of adult biz acumen, previous success and the desire to obtain graduate and professional degrees followed by an equal desire to prosper past their education. Their strong desire to become engineers, physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs MUST be given every chance to root, grow, and be harvested. (It also MUST be noted that Asian Pacific Islanders are the fastest growing minority in the US. They were 4½-5% of the population in 2005 and predicted to be 9% of the US pop in 2050 according to the PEW Research) WELCOME TO AMERICA!

Finally, as we head into a national election year where governships, state houses and senates, EVERY congressional seat and the presidency are “up for grabs,” we MUST ask whether the aforementioned diversity in regional education should be part of the political discussion? It MUST be since the future of every metro area, every state and the US will be determined by OUR primary and secondary schools’ students, today. IT MUST be! ANYQUESTIONS?


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