What Costs $12,864

How about a 2012 Ford Fusion? Perhaps, it’s an avg family’s Food Spend (home & away), Apparel (& Services) AND it’s Gas and Oil for a yr? How about the all of its Transportation Costs, Health Care AND Entertainment Costs? Or may be it is our family’s Shelter, Education, Reading AND Cash Contribution Costs for 1 yr? What about NO, NO and NO! The answer to our silly little question is that $12,894 is the sum of 2 round trip tix from Det to SF (on 2/5/16) and SF to Det (on 2/8/16), 2 tix to the Rolling Stone Magazine’s SB 50 Party (on 2/6/16), 3 overnight hotel stays at St Andrews in SF (double room), 2 tailgate tix for SB 50, 2 tix for SB 50 at Levis Stadium and $2,000 for local Transportation Costs (or whatever) while at the SB and in SF. The sum being $12,894±. (By the way, it also is the costs± for ALL of the above 3 differing purchasing situations. See Bureau of Labor Stats, “Consumer Expenditures”)


Given that this is already our 3rd pre SB Scope, (Please see Scopes Vol 25 Iss 88, dated 10/13/15 & Vol 25 Iss 92, published 10/26/15). Here are some OTHER snippets of info about SB 50’s ostentation & its advertising.


  • Budweiser Puppies – No! Socquet, A-B In Bev’s marketing VP, has recently said that while everyone “loves” the puppies “they didn’t sell beer”. The iconic Clydesdales however, will likely make an appearance in an A-B In Bev SB ad.


  • Coca Cola and Pepsi will both be at SB 50 with Pepsi also being the ½ time sponsor, again.


  • Hyundai (the NFL’s new auto sponsor) SB advertised from 2008-14. It will reappear with 2-30 sec “in game” spots & a 1 min “pre kick spot”. It will also have a strong digital presence & 400 promo vehicles used for the SB in SF.


  • Intuit has revealed reveals its final 3 small biz ads with the winner to receive a SB


  • KIA, a sister to South Korean stablemate Hyundai will run a 1 min comm’l in the 3rd Q. (If we marry Hyundai & KIA, they will have more time [3 min] than any other SB advertiser this side of AB-In Bev. WOW!)


  • Mars’ Skittles & Snickers will both advertise “in game” during SB 50.


  • Nationwide will NOT be advertising in SB 50 after its “dead boy” ad last yr (XLIX) though it is the sponsor of the Walter Payton Man of the Yr Award for excellence in charity work & on the field. Nationwide is also the official insurance sponsor of the NFL.


  • Squarespace’s 30 sec for the 3rd consecutive yr offers itself as a good designer in the “ugly internet”.


Security was going to be very strong b-4 Paris and now it is going to be as robust as it was for the 2002 SB (after 9/11/01). SB 50 has been labeled as “Level One” threat. (NBC, Bay Area, Michelle Roberts). New technology may well be used that is better and faster than any security tech used anywhere in the US, today. (ABC 27 News by Vince Cestone, KRON TV.)


While the European Broadcast of SB XLIX only drew an audience of 3.5 M, the NFL wants much better from SB 50 even though the game starts at 11½ PM (UK time). SNOOZE! The NFL continues to want TDs in Europe!


CBS the bridesmaid for SB I is the bride for SB 50. The only time that there were 2 networks televising the SB was in 1967. On 1/15/67, NBC, which was the network of the NFL AND CBS, which was the network of the AFL, both televised the game. While generally were told that SB I ads cost $40,000 for 30 sec ad, the truth is that NBC ads cost $42,500 while CBS advertisers ONLY paid $37,500. Well sports fans, we know who gets the last laugh, this time.

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For over 24 years, University of Detroit Mercy Marketing Professor Michael Bernacchi, Ph.D., J.D, has produced "uNDER tHE mIKE-rOSCOPE", a newsletter discussing current "marketing and advertising¹s bends, trends & ends." A well-know fixture in Detroit and national media, UDM's marketing guru has made several appearances on CNN's "Talk Back Live," the Voice of America worldwide radio network (VOA), ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and on the pages of Sports Illustrated, Time, TV Guide, the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, to name a few. At University of Detroit Mercy, he has taught courses in Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, Research and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Michael Bernacchi can be reached at 313-993-1116 or bernacmd@udmercy.edu. Please appropriately attribute the following for their work on uNDER tHE mIKE-rOSCOPE: Yen Ju Lee Robert Rouse Vidhyasagar Natarajan Eric Baumgardner & Ian Young
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