The holidays are a time for relaxation, spending time with family and enjoying great food. But the days of Xmas past are over. Now our holidays seem to be shaped around shopping, with Blk Fri invading Thxgvng and 12/26 becoming an extraordinary shopping day. A survey by American Express showed that 66% of us expect to shop on 12/26/2015, an increase from 64% in 2013. These shoppers will spend on average $186. 12/26 (“THE DAY AFTER” Xmas) is no more a hidden secret of holiday shopping. Retailers target Xmas shoppers & consider it another very important day for Xmas traffic and sales. This fact is evidenced by store opening at 6:00± AM the day after the Xmas. (Store hrs for the major retailers are: Kohls – 5 am to 10 pm; Wal-Mart – 5 am to 10 pm; Hy-Vee – 6 am to 12 pm; JCP – 6 am to 10 pm; Toys ‘R Us – opens at 6 am; Old Navy – 6 am to 11 pm; Dick’s Sporting Goods – 7 am to 9.30 pm; Macy’s – Opens at 7 am; Sears – 7 am to 11 pm; Target – 7 am to 11 pm; Best Buy – 8 am to 10 pm [retailindustry.about.com, 12/18]). So,” THE DAY AFTER” & “THE WEEK AFTER” Xmas are equally important. 12/26 is popular b/c of post-holiday sales (38% want to advantage themselves of these sales) gift card redemptions and then there are those exchangers. (Vol 25 Iss 100 “AMERICA’S MOST DESIRED HOLIDAY GIFT!”)


Is 12/26 an aggressive Blk Fri competitor? Only 45% of shoppers planned on shopping on Blk Fri, and 47% planned to shop on Cyber Monday, as compared to our previous stated 66% for 12/26. WOW! The day after Xmas shopping tends to revolve around consumers purchasing for themselves (Self Gifting). As most consumers shop during Dec for others, and now seize the moment to treat themselves while still` in the holiday mood. The New Year also sparks interest in consumers who are setting resolutions. 66% of resolution makers set a fitness related resolution (Details.com). Whether or not they achieve their goal many spend money on fitness equipment, clothing and memberships. 12% of new gym memberships are purchased in Jan with Jan & Feb being the busiest times for gyms. They can see an increase in volume up to 50%. (Quora.com)


According to CouponCloset.net, there are some items you should consider buying on 12/26 to take full advantage of the deals. Candy can be selling for 90% off, wrapping paper may be 80% off, tape and packing supplies can be found with a hefty discount and are items they can be used year round. Other items like, holiday decorations, lights, and giftsets are also heavily marked down and could save you money on future holidays. Consumers looking to purchase a TV might want to hold off until the Super Bowl rolls around as retailers often will discount electronics as new models begin to roll out. (SILive.com)


We’d be in error if we failed to mention Boxing Day and Kwanzaa as part of the post Xmas festivities. Boxing Day, 12/26, is celebrated throughout the British Commonwealth. In the mid 1800s merchants gifted their servants with boxes, bags of goodies. Kwanzaa is an African Americans celebration of “the fruits of harvest” (12/26-12/31). It is non comm’l. It was stated in Dec 1966.

Starbucks Sidenote


Starbucks boasts impressive gift card numbers, they have sold over $25 B in gift cards since they started selling them 15 years ago. This year they are offering a “premium” gift cards covered in Swarovski crystals, the card costs $200 and is only worth $50 in Starbucks $$. Last Xmas Eve (2014) 2.5 M Starbucks cards were sold in the US and Canada, up from Xmas Eve 2013’s sales of 2 M cards. Approximately 1,500 cards a minute! 1 in 8 American adults will receive a Starbucks gift card as a holiday present. Starbucks predicts that it will break last year’s record this year. During the 2014 holiday season (Oct-Dec, US & Canada) Starbucks sold $1.6 B in gift cards and a total of $5.1 B for 2014. (Starbucks.com)














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