Ad $pending for College Football Playoff in Comparison

T-1: Ad $pending for College Football Playoff in Comparison
Event Year 30 secs of TV Ad (millions) Audience Size (millions) Cost per Viewer

(¢, cents)

NCAA B-Ball D1 Champ (2014) $1.49 21.3 7.00
NCAA B-Ball D1 Champ (2015) $1.55 28.3 5.48
College Football Champ (2014-15) $1.00 33.4 2.99
College Football Champ (2015-16) $1.25 *41.8 2.99
College Football Semi Fin (2014-15) $0.8-1.0 28.3 2.83-3.53
College Football Semi Fin (2015-16) NA **17.1 NA
Super Bowl 49 (2015) $4.50 111.4 4.04
Super Bowl 50 (2016) $5.00 123.6 4.04
*projection assuming cost per viewer at ¢2.99 **Average from the Cotton Bowl & Orange Bowl Semifinal games
Source: Kantar Media & TVbytheNumbers; CBS Sports











In the 2nd yr of the NCAA College Football Playoffs, the championship game is inching closer to having the highest sales price for advertising in college sports. The NCAA Basketball Championship game brought in $1.49M per 30 sec commercial in 2014, and fetched $1.55 M in 2015 (+$60 Gs). Guess what, the College Ftbll Title garnered $1M per 30 sec ad in 2015 and has increased to $1.25M this yr (+$250 Gs). Assuming the cost per viewer for the title game will be the same at 2.99¢ the projected view increase count is 41.8M.

The big question is will viewership for the championship game go up? If the semi-final games are any indication, then the answer is NO. Last year (2015) the Sugar Bowl semi b/t #1 Alabama & #4 Ohio State drew 28.2M viewers. This yr the semi b/t Bama & MSU drew ONLY 17.1M. What will Mon night’s game draw? STAY TUNED! STAY TUNED!

According to Adage, official sponsorships of the college football playoffs cost $14-16 M per year. How sponsors are trying to get more bang for their buck with less of a viewing audience:

Last year sponsors interacted with fans at the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. For example, Taco Bell had an exclusive area inside of the Championship Tailgate, where fans with college student IDs could enjoy free beer and play lawn games.  Reese’s was on site offering fans the chance to play games and win free merchandise.  A unique setup was presented by AXE, who was on site promoting its White Label brand with a pop-up salon, offering free hair styling and neck massages. Fans correlate good times & free merchandise with the brands that provide them.

The Playoff Fan Central event gave corporate sponsors another opportunity to interact with college football fans.  Companies like Buick gave fans a chance to take pictures with Ohio State and Oregon helmets, while Dr. Pepper allowed fans to take pictures with the National Championship Trophy.  According to the sports marketing agency, rEvolution, the most popular fan interaction feature was when Chick-fil-A’s “stadium area” (2015 game) allowed fans to play virtual games in a stadium-like setting. The laser engraving of official game balls by Wilson was the best sponsorship feature.

The official national sponsors of the College Football Playoffs (CFP) according to the CFP website are: Allstate, AT&T, Buick, Captial One, Chik-Fil-A, Dr. Pepper, Ford, Gatorade, Goodyear, Nissan, Northwestern Mutual, Reese’s, Taco Bell. Nike, Wilson & Ticketmaster known as the “Game Sponsors”.

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