Going to a game, nobody but nobody spends $$ like an NFL fan. To start with the avg ticket price of an NFL game $85.83 (Team Sports Marketing) is almost 3 times the avg ticket price of an MLB game; it is 50% more than the avg ticket price of an NBA game; and it is 1/3+ more than the avg price of an NHL game! ANYOTHERQUESTIONS? Having said that, let’s be clear, generally speaking, there is NO human being on the face of the earth who just flat out joys of letting go (ie spending) of his/her hard earned $$ even if it is for a much desired product or service. This “grieving process” of having to let go, (if you will) is exacerbated when the purchase is defective, shabby or if we purchase something that we really didn’t want/or didn’t bargain for, such as a movie ticket to a crummy flick thinking that it would give us an enjoyable entertainment experience or to a game where our team loses. OUCH! Given the above groundwork let’s establish a NFL Misery Index.


It is impossible to find a team that has done any worse in the NFL over the last 2 yrs than the Tennessee Titans. They have won a grand total of 5 games with a robust losing % of 84.375%. If you’re a Titan’s fan how miserable are you? Given the Titans’ success (at failing), come 2 teams that have had a bit more success with 8 wins in 32 games. The Tampa Bay Bucs and Jacksonville Jags. They have a losing % of 75.000%. Rounding out the TOP 5 losers are the Raiders and Browns. They have managed to lose 22 of their 32 games over the last 2 seasons for a losing % of 68.750%. If you’re interested the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals have all lost ONLY 8 games in the last 2 yrs. Their losing % is ONLY 25.000%. The losing % of each of the NFL’s 32 teams is represented in Table 1. (See Col. 3)


To arrive at our Misery Index we used a 3 step process:


  1. To arrive at the $$ value of a lo$$, we confiscated Team Sports Marketing’s data and determined that the price of 1 avg ticket, 1 small beer, 1 soft drink, 1 hot dog and 1 program for each team when it was at home AND when it was on the road. Hence, we have a 1 person FCI. For our road #s we simply subtracted the home team prices and recalculated the league’s avg for the remaining 31 The modified home FCI for Tennessee was $83.15 and its away/road FCI was $103.00 with an avg FCI of $93.07.


  1. Using our poster child Tennessee team we now multiplied its $93.07 FCI x 16 for 16 played games. The Titans’ FCI for 1 person turned out to be $1,489.12.


  1. Lastly, we take our 1 person FCI (for Tennessee) of $1,489.12 and multiplied it by our losing % of 38%. The result is $1,256.50. Hence, a Tennessee fan’s Misery Index for the 2015 season is a tidy $1,256.50. The Cardinals of Arizona have the smallest Misery Index of a meager $397.94. (Just for the record, the Cards have a “joy index” of $1,193.88) Please, we invite ALL NFL fans to find your Misery Index. Table 1 is on the next page.










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