Super Bowl Survey

Welcome to the 2019 Super Bowl Survey by the University of Detroit Mercy! Thank you all for your time and effort. Please review the instructions below before the Super Bowl.

The Online Survey can be found HERE:

*Quick Instruction Summary: You rate the commercials during the game on paper as you watch them. After the game is finished, you transfer your ratings to our Online Survey.*

A PDF copy of the instructions can be found HERE:

A PDF copy of the survey questions can be found HERE:

Each participant will be responsible for watching the commercials shown during Super Bowl 53 on Sunday 2/3/2019 from the last commercial before kickoff through the final commercial at game’s finish. When the clock reads 0:00, the game and its ads are finished! We expect 60-70 national ads to be aired on TV. CBS is hosting a FREE livestream of the game at this year, but the online ads are NOT the same as the national TV ads. For most of us who will be evaluating the ads, this will present problems of inconsistent ads. Please DO NOT rate the following types of commercials:

1. Local/Regional ads (ex: local car dealership or regional restaurant chain)
2. Local Station breaks (ex: weather or traffic reports)
3. CBS program promos (ex: The Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon)

Of course, if there is any doubt, we ask our ad evaluators to record the info because we can always “toss it out.”

The survey does not open until 15± minutes after the completion of the Super BowlEach participant is provided a packet of evaluation forms. Participants can print this file, which contains all of the Evaluation Forms required for Super Bowl Sunday. This packet includes 25 sheets with 3 forms on each. It provides participants with enough forms to rate 60+ The packet can be found again HERE as a PDF. Participants are asked to sequentially number each ad during the game on their evaluation forms (from 1 – 60 or 70) and to give each ad his/her own descriptive label. They are asked to rate each commercial on a scale from 1 – 10. (1 = terrible and 10 = outstanding), and make an optional brief statement of justification for their rating.

Even though the final submission for the commercials is not completed until after the Super Bowl has ended, evaluating the commercials is an ongoing process. It is important that participants DO NOT “make up” answers at the end to “make up” for defects in initial recording or missed commercials. This will impact the final analysis and overall results.


When the Online Survey is opened, participants should use the completed survey forms as a reference to score each ad online while also including optional comments and answers to the YES/NO questions.

We have listed the commercials in order of appearance. There is also the name of the commercial, quarter it aired, and a short description if applicable. We encourage you to complete the full survey in one sitting as Google Forms DO NOT save your answers unless you submit them and get a confirmation. Once all the information for the ads has been entered, be sure to click the “Submit” button.


For information or questions about the Super Bowl Survey please contact:
Reed Quint
Phone: 586 850-4907

Thank you for participating in UDM’s Super Bowl Survey for 2019!